• Vermentino di Sardegna 2013

    Nuraghe Supramonte, Sardegna. Grape: 100% Vermentino. Vol 12.5% • £4.50 small £6.70 large

    The Sardinian Vermentino grape with a bit extra. A lovely citrus tone characterises the bouquet and fuller weight on the palate from being aged on its lees.

    • Price£ 18,50
  • Pinot Grigio Garganega 2014

    Terre Passeri, Veneto. Grapes: 50% Pinot Grigio, 50% Garganega. Vol 11% • £4.50 small – £6.70 large

    Straw yellow with copper shades in color. The bouquet is intense and fruity,fine and elegant. On the palate it is soft and characteristic.

    • Price£ 18.50
  • Orvieto Classico secco 2014

    Vignabaldo, Umbria. Grapes: Procanico, Grechetto, Verdello, Drupeggio. Vol 12% – £4.80 small £7.00 large

    The classic white wine from Umbria region. Dry and crisp, yet gentle, mouthfilling with a long almond finish.

    • Price£ 19,50
  • Verdicchio dei castelli di Jesi Classico 2013

    Forteto San Leo, Marche. Grape: 100% Verdicchio. Vol 12%

    Pale straw in color with green tinges, fine and intense bouquet with hints offresh fruits and flowers. Dry, persistant and pleasant aftertaste of bitter almond.

    • Price£ 20.00
  • Trebbiano 2015

    Vignabaldo, Emilia Romagna. Grape: 100% Trebbiano. Vol 12% • £5.50 small – £7.50 large

    Bright straw yellow in color. Fresh, fragrant and lingering on the palate.Dry and fruity. Excellent as an aperitif and with light hors d’oeuvresand fish dishes.

    • Price£ 20.50
  • Sauvignon 2014

    Andrero, Sicilia. Grape: 100% Sauvignon. Vol 13.5%

    Faded hay yellow color, it has parfumes of sage, nettel elderflower and greenpepper. It tastes fresh with aharmonic and persistent aftertaste.

    • Price£ 23,30
  • Grillo Terre Siciliane 2014

    Fazio, Sicilia. Grape: 100% Grillo. Vol 13%

    The wine shows a brilliant greenish yellow color. The nose denotes intense, cleanand pleasing aromas of peach, pear and pineapple followed by aromas of hawthornapple and broom. Good body with intense flavours.

    • Price£ 24.00
  • Pinot Grigio Collio 2015

    Marco Scolaris, Friuli. Grape: 100% Pinto Grigio. Vol 13%

    Straw yellow color with a slight ashgrey hue. The bouquet is elegant and persistent. Veryfine notes of fresh, exotic fruits and acacia flowers. Solid, particular and personalstructure on the palate, with a dainty taste and an escellent persistence.

    • Price£ 27,50
  • Pecorino 2014

    Camillo Montori, Abruzzo. Grape: 100% Pecorino. Vol 13.5% • £6.90 small – £9.70 large

    Pale yellow with gold reflections. Fruity, floral bouquet with hints of mineral, fresh,intense yet soft taste. Notes of acacia and honey on the palate.

    • Price£ 27,50
  • Ajo 2015

    Don Giovanni, Sardegna. Grape: 100% Vermentino. Vol 13.5% • £6.90 small – £9.70 large

    Typical Vermentino scents, smells of rosemary joined by ripe white and yellow fruits.Pleasantly dry, savoury and well structured.

    • Price£ 27,50
  • Gavi di Gavi 2015

    Il Rocchin, Piemonte. Grape: 100% Cortese. Vol 12% • £6.90 small – £9.70 large

    This is an elegant Gavi, soft and delicate, although it has a lovely persistant bouquet onthe palate. Dry, fresh and persuasive taste. Full body.

    • Price£ 28,50
  • Roero Arneis 2015

    Villadoria, Piemonte. Grape: 100% Roero Arneis. Vol 12.5%

    This wine isa wine that can encompass the tradition of winemaking history with a very nodern flavor & balance. Straw yellow with greenish reflections, intense aromas of orange blossom, iris, broom and hawthorn, with notes of yellow apple and a mineral hint on the finish.

    • Price29.00
  • Laguna DOC 2015

    Perla del Garda, Campania. Grape: 100% Greco di Tufo. Vol 13% 

    Pale straw yellow; It's aromatic scent has got a vein of tropical fruit and almonds. Its dryand harmonious taste persist while fading away.

    • Price£ 24.00
  • Frascati Superiore Epos 2013

    Poggio le Volpi, Lazio. Grapes: Malvasia Lazio, Malvasia Candia, Trebbiano. Vol 13%

    This great frascati is made of two different types of Malvasia and a touch of Trebbianogrape. Awarded 3 glasses from the “Gambero Rosso” wine contest, It has a richnessof aroma and flavour, crispy with a delicate and fruity bouquet.

    • Price£ 36.00
  • Donnaluce 2013

    Poggio le Volpi, Lazio. Grapes, Malvasia, Greco, Chardonnay. Vol 13%

    Intense yellow with nuances tending toward green. Intense, tropical fruits and flowersgive a generous, unforgettable imprint. Full and well balanced, with harmony andelegance in an enjoyable, intense finish.

    • Price£ 39.50


  • Cannonau di Sardegna 2014

    Supramonte, Sardegna. Grape: 100% Cannonau. Vol 13% • £4.50 small – £6.70 large

    Intense ruby red color. The lively aroma has notes of full-bodied mature fruits.The taste is soft with light tannins, warm and velvety.

    • Price£ 18.50
  • Shiraz 2014

    Monte Pietroso, Sicilia. Grape: 100% Shiraz. Vol 13% • £4.50 small – £6.70 large

    Deep ruby red with violets shimmers. Scent of blackberry, black currant with elegantspices. Very well balanced with fresh flavours.

    • Price£ 18.50
  • Sangiovese 2015

    Broccatelli Galli, Umbria. Grape: 100% Sangiovese. Vol 13% • £4.70 small – £6.90 large

    Ruby red color with parfumes of raspberries and violets. Full flavour and distinct scentsof red fruits. Pleasantly persistent aftertaste.

    • Price£ 17,80
  • Bardolino 2015

    Pirovano, Veneto. Grapes: Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara. Vol 12% 

    This wine has a red ruby color with a delicate bouquet. A dry, lively yet balanced wine.

    • Price£ 17,80
  • Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 2015

    Fantello, Abruzzo. Grape: 100% Montepulciano. Vol 13.5% • £4.90 small – £7.20 large

    Full bodied. Aged in oak barrels, this wine is elegant on the palate and is nicelybalanced. Herbal tones with a fruity nose.

    • Price£ 21,50
  • Valpolicella "Essere" 2014

    Cesari, Veneto. Grapes:Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara. Vol 12% • £6.20 small – £8.90 large

    Valpolicella of red ruby color and moderate intensity. Delicateand characteristicbouquet reminiscent of almond.

    • Price£ 26.00
  • Dolcetto d'Alba 2013

    Villadoria, Piemonte. Grape: 100% Dolcetto. Vol 12.5% • £6.20 small – £8.90 large

    Intense purple red color. Deep and crisp raspberry flavours with a fine and soft texture. Rich, sweet fruits on the palate.

    • Price£ 27.00
  • Nero d'Avola "Vigna Alta" 2015


    Frazitta, Sicilia. Grape: 100% Nero d’Avola. Vol 13% • £6.20 small – £8.90 large

    A silky texture characterises the impact of this wine on the mouth, this follows alovely rich fruitcake nose of some intensity.

    • Price£ 27.00
  • Primitivo di Manduria 2015

    Epicuro, Puglia. Grape: 100% Primitivo. Vol 14% •

    Deep red ruby color with violets highlights. Intense and fragrant bouquet with a richvariety of ripe fruits, harmonious and velvety taste.

    • Price£ 27.00
  • Refosco 2014

    Cabert, Friuli. Grape: 100% Refosco. Vol 12%

    A medal winning red wine from the "international Wine Challenge". A special red fromthe refosco grape, tasting of ripe, juicy berries.

    • Price£ 27.00
  • Sir Passo 2014

    Duca di Saragnano, Piemonte. Grape: 100% Sangiovese. Vol 14.5%

    This is an extraodrinarily captivating wine which literally flows like finest silk over thepalate. The predominant fruit character is of black cherries, which though very ripe,are kept fresh by Sangiovese’s natural acidity.

    • Price£ 28.00
  • Maccori 2014

    Cantine di Calasetta, Sardinia. Grape: 100% Carignano del Sulcis. Vol 13%

    Ruby red color with garnet reflections. The product of expert cultivation and harvesting. Full bodied with a toasty bouquet of dried fruits.

    • Price£ 36,50
  • Tiernu 2014

    Cantine di Mogoro, Sardegna. Grape: 100% Bovale. Vol 13%

    This unique grape grown in Sardinia, gives this wine a dark, bright color. Its bouquetsmells of ripe red fruits, followed by hints of dried fruits and mediterranean herbs. Pleasantly tannic with good aromatic evolution and fruity and balanced acidity.

    • Price£ 30.50
  • Barbera d'Alba superiore 2014

    Villadoria, Piemonte. Grape: 100% Barbera. Vol 13.5%

    A lovely, soft flavour with a touch of brambles on the nose.Vibrant and lively wine that finishes with a touch of crispness.

    • Price£ 27,50
  • Rubjo Conero Riserva 2013

    Piersanti, Marche. Grape: 100% Montepulciano. Vol 14%

    Only the best grapes for this Cru, aged in barriques and then refined in bottle. Full bodied, intense parfume, excellent taste, balanced tannins.

    • Price£ 31.00
  • Chianti Classico Riserva 2010

    Scudieri, Toscana. Grapes: 85% Sangiovese, 10% Cannaiolo, 5% Colorino. Vol 13%

    With its deep red color, this wine has a rich ripe berryfruit aromas and flavours. Full bodied with great character.

    • Price£ 33.00
  • Nobile di Montepulciano 2009

    Mossiere, Toscana. Grapes: 80% Sangiovese, 20% Cannaiolo. Vol 13.5%

    Dark ruby red color with orange reflections, it has a mature and balanced taste and anintense, persistent aroma with traces of vanilla. Great structure and depth on the nose,followed by a mouth filling and velvety textureon the palate and a long finish.

    • Price£ 34.50
  • Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore 2013

    Corte Giona, Veneto. Grapes: 70% Corvina, 25% Rondinella, 5% Molinara. Vol 13.5%

    This Valpolicella is "re-passed" for 11 to 14 days over the freshly fermented pomace ofthe grapes that have made Amarone. This "re-passing" gives increased structure and anappealing roundness. Matured in oak barriques for 12-18 months and further 6 months agedin bottle. It is deep red, generous nose with dark berries.Well balanced tannins. Soft and silky with a long finish.

    • Price£ 34,50
  • Rosso di Montalcino 2014

    Castello Tricerchi, Toscana. Grape: 100% Sangiovese. Vol 13%

    Bright ruby red color, full taste of ripe red fruit and berries, smooth fruit, classical Sangiovese notes, pleasing and well balanced tannin, middle body, fruity final andsmooth fruity aftertaste.

    • Price£ 42.50
  • Barolo Poiana 2011

    Cascina Radice, Piemonte. Grape: 100% Nebbiolo. Vol 15%

    Aged for three years in Slovenian oaks followed by 12 moths in bottle. Ruby red in color, it is full bodied, robust but velvety and harmonious, it goes wellwith game and red meats.

    • Price£ 43.50
  • Rocca Rubia 2011

    Cantine Santadi, Sardegna. Grape: 100% Carignano del Sulcis. Vol 14.5%

    A real gem in Sardinian wines. 100% Carignano aged in French oak casks for 10/12months. Deep, almost solid ruby color. The nose has intense fruity notes of blackberry, vanilla and liquorice. Great structure, full bodied.

    • Price£ 39,80
  • Amarone della Valpolicella 2011

    Castel Rothari, Veneto. Grapes: Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara. Vol 15%

    Deep Garnet color. Aromas of chocolae and raisins with a supple, fruity yet drymedium to full body and spicy herbal grilled pepper, pine needle, cola nutand cocoa accented finish.

    • Price£ 56.00
  • Brunello di Montalcino 2007

    Duca di Saragnano, Toscana. Grape: 100% Sangiovese. Vol 14%

    Intense rube red with a tendency to garnet red, after aging with orange reflexes and some"tuile"; Intense fresh aromas of cherries and raspberry, young with expressive tannins, with increasing age smoothening, elegant classy and rich. Full body with a long finish.

    • Price£ 68.50


  • Rosato Veneto NV

    Arco d’Argento, Puglia. Grape: 100% Negroamaro. Vol 11.5% • £4.20 small – £6.50 large

    Obtained from Negroamaro grape, this wine has a dark color, inviting, slightly warm on the nosewith a background of peach and spicestogether with a nice balanced acidity.

    • Price£ 18.50
  • Pinot Grigio Blush IGT 2015

    Riva d’Oro, Veneto. Grapes: 70% Nero d’Avola, 30% Nerello Mascalese. Vol 12%.

    Very bright pale pink color and a nose with very clean flowery aromas. The palate is fresh, dry, fruity and well rounded.

    • Price£ 20.00
  • Cerasuolo dell'Abruzzo 2015

    Zaccagnini, Abruzzo. Grape: 100% Montepulciano d'Abruzzo. 12% vol

    Handpicked grapes for this rose'. Typical rose colour of black grapes fermented without skins. Intense bouquet, fragrant and well balanced.

    • Price£ 28.00


  • Prosecco Casa Coller

    Casa Coller, Veneto. Grape: 100% Prosecco. 11% vol.

    Pale straw yellow in color with hints of acacia and wild flowers.

    • Price£ 25.50
    • Price£ 5.70
  • Champagne Thibaut Delcroix brut

    Delcroix. Champagne Ardennes (France). Grape: 100% Chardonnay. 12.5% vol.

    Standard bearer of Maison Champagne Henriot’s savoir-faire, Blanc de Blancs delights with its astonishing complexity and length. This cuvee, endowed with excellent freshness, is admirable as aperitifand also as an ideal companion at table.

    • Price£ 48


£ 4.80

£ 4.80

£ 5.80
Vin Santo 2009
A fine dessert wine. From golden to amber.
Intense, persistent & aromatic nose. 17% vol.
Visciolata del Cardinale 2013
The art of infusion of ripe cherries and red wine. 14% vol.
Greco di bianco 2006
Honey, roasted nuts and orange peel taste. Strong body with an incredible softness. 17% vol.
Passito di Pantelleria 2009
Fragrant and delicate on the nose sweet and balanced on the palate. 13% vol.
Soave di Recioto 2007
Sweet and intense, characterized by floral notes of rose and lavander. 13.5% vol.
Port Casa de Santa Eufemia Vintage 2009
Dark purple color, red fruits aromas.Full bodied round with persistent finish. 19.5% vol.
£ 4.80

£ 5.80

£ 5.40


£ 4.20 Amaro averna
£ 4.20 Amaro Montenegro
£ 4.20 Amaretto di Saronno
£ 4.20 Mirto di Sardegna
£ 4.20 Limoncello (Home made)
£ 4.20 Sambuca


£ 3.80 Bell's
£ 4.80 Talisker 10 yo
£ 4.80 Glenmorangie 10 yo
£ 5.50 Finlaggan Old Reserve


£ 5.80 Remy Martin VSOP
£ 6.60 A.E. DOR VSOP Cognac
£ 7.50 Italian Brandy Reserve 1988
£ 7.00 Armagnac Baron de Sigognac 10 yo
£ 6.00 Calvados Boulard


£ 6.00 Grappa di Barolo Elegance and harmony


£ 4.50 Tradizionale Dry and elegant
£ 5.50 Le Diciotto Lune Soft and dry
£ 6.50 Chardonnay "Giare" Elegant and refined


Franciacorta "Special selection"

£5.60 Amarone Strong and persistent taste
£5.60 Moscato d'Asti Elegant and aromatic
£5.60 Lugana Hints of ripe fruits and spices
£5.60 Pinot Nero Intense notes of small red fruits

Franciacorta "Prestige selection"

£ 6.40 Amarone Vinous and slightly spicy
£ 6.40 Riserva Mix of flowers and honey
£ 6.40 Chardonnay Delicate flowers and fruits nuances
£ 6.40 Pinot Nero Intense notes of dried fruits and spices

Le Cantine del Cardinale

£ 5.80 Ammalia Intensely flavoured, yet very smooth and soft in the mouth. Cherries ensure it a distinctive almond aroma. (Distillate of Visciole cherries)